Friday, 14 October 2016

Bumper Package To Lovers Of Rock Music As Phil Roberts Releases Lyrics, Video and Audio of Ebube in Intensed Worship.


Hmmmmm i know you will be wondering why we wrote the above as this song has taken away the right words from my mouth to express how powerful God is even in this last days.

Phil Roberts a mechanical engineer, an extra ordinary worshiper and also The Rock Ambassador Of Nigeria with a well developed acumen reflecting a career of strong leadership in Nigeria. He is the Gospel Rock ambassador of Nigeria, Won several awards of Excellence and also was the first President of Abuja Gospel Artiste Forum. As a professional in the entertainment industry he has credited himself with the release of Hit songs like faithful God, As we worship, Mighty God, Ebube, Savior ,Lifter of my hands ,Chioma Heaven Play my song which is being a blessing to the world and also on radio stations around the world.

A Volunteer member of Amnesty International to fight injustice and also fight for the rights of Nigerians who have being wrongfully accused. Built an orphanage home in Abuja with the Phil Roberts brand partners and CEO of Phil Roberts &The Sound Signatures

In This Song EBUBE, Phil Roberts exposed us to some very high spiritual truth with this song EBUBE as the lyrics of this song is above the thinking of man.
The Song Ebube was birthed out of his desire to express the Mighty works of God to man kind as the Holy spirit took over the lyrics of the song just to teach us more lessons about theTRINITY.

While recording this song we found out that God had designed this song to heal Nations and bring them out from believing in their own strengths but LOOKING UNTO JESUS THE AUTHOR AND FINISHER OF OUR FAITH. This song is filled with healing,deliverance,salvation, breakthrough on every side and A 24HOUR MIRACLE.. Please feel free to download this song,sing along as we have attached the lyrics for the song and also share it with your friends and families as you are in for your TESTIMONY. RECEIVE GRACE FOR YOUR NEXT LEVEL

I will sing…
Ekelenile otito 4x

Ebube bube
You are the lifter of my hands
Ebube bube
Odigonye dika ghi
Ebube bube
Ikenile di akaya
Ebube eligwe
You bring joy to my soul
Some trust in chariot
Some trust in their Horses
Some trust in their brothers
But I really on you
Some trust in their connection
Some trust in their Bank account
Some trust in Mr President
But I put my trust in you
In the morning your faithfulness I see
In the evening your mercies I see
Give me a reason to dance in this season
I wanna be in your santuary
Not in the Mortuary
I am blessed in the city Favord on everyside
I need more of you jesus amd less of me
When the enemy comes like a flood
You speak peace to my soul
Among other gods you are the only true God the differnce is clear

Ekele nile otito 4X

How great you are
You bring power to my bones
How great you are
You put food on my table
How great you are
Obato jobalo
How great you are
Alagbara nla
I have sinned in so many ways
But you’r still calling my name
So many times I’v gone astray
You said I’m the apple of your eyes
Who I’m I to deserve such a favor
ezichim oma igozirim ma gozim
Agama turughi mmamam
Phil Roberts naturughi Mmama
Indi nne na sinighi Imela
Umu okorobia ne yeghi Ekele
Are you looking for the fruit of the womb
Kpoya ebubedike
Do you need children kpoya Ebube
Receive grace for your next level
Grace to finish well
Sucess on everyside
You are blessed and highly Favored
Yoruba nasinighi Oshe
Hausa nasinighi Nagode
Akwa ibom nasinighi songsong
Ndi igbo nasinighi Mmama..Ekele

Ekelenile otito 4X
Mimo mimo so gentle holy but so mighty
Mimo mimo you are the lifter of my hands
Mimo mimo obato you bring fire to my bones
Mimo mimo you are the fourth man in the fire
Looking unto jesus the authur the finisher of my faith
The lion of the tribe of Judea reveal your self to me
The I am that I am Arugbo ojo
Arabaribiti Rabata ther is no one like you
Like the woman with the issiue of blood
She came pressing she belived
You are a faithful God
You are my defender my strong tower
Looking unto the hills from wence cometh my help
Osimiri atata there is no one like you
Nwanem egbesina maka jehovah nonso
Oyoyo nwanem o egbezina
Ikenile di akaya

Ekele nile otito 4X

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