Thursday, 13 October 2016

Romanian citizen kidnapped in Nigeria, released

Image result for photos of released romanian citizen in Nigeria
The Romanian citizen who had been kidnapped in Nigeria was released, the Foreign Affairs Ministry announced on Wednesday evening.

Thanks to the institutions which participated in the Crisis Cell and the Nigerian authorities for the involvement and support provided in this case.

At the same time, the Foreign Affairs Ministry reiterates the firm recommendation addressed to the Romanian citizens in conflict areas or in areas with major security risk to contact the nearest diplomatic mission of Romania in order to register their presence in the region, so that they can benefit from as efficient as possible consular assistance and protection.

At the same time, MAE brings to mind the usefulness of consulting the information supplied both through the "Calatoreste in siguranta" (Travel Safely) application, which can be downloaded on any type of smartphone, and the SMS alert system corresponding to the information campaign "Un SMS iti poate salva viata!" (An SMS can save your life).

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