Sunday, 23 October 2016


When I assented to attend a bloggers hangout at SIGNATURE, the imaginations of my medulla oblongata never anticipated anything near an extraordinary and uncommon experience of a life time that has left me wanting more.

Located at a high brow area of the FCT, Signature ambience combines a nautical and contemporary interior design style that is specially put together to express class and taste for excellence.

Tired from the hustle of the day, the serene environment at the bush bar where I was given a well curved cream seat offered me the relaxation I so badly needed. “Hey guys good to see you all” my greeting ran through to my blogger colleagues from whom I couldn’t hide my excitement, “a lovely place we’ve got here,” I said as I continued to stretch on my very comfortable seat.

Good to have you here, Signature manager cuts in and we quickly began the awestruck tour around the edifice.

1. THE WALKWAY OF FAME – Signature mansion includes a walk way of fame which embodies the paintings of all African and African-American heroes; Nelson Mandela, Murtala Mohammed, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Martin Luther King, Mohammed Ali and a host of others. Been a nationalist blogger, it was a highly inspirational moment for me.

2. THE RESTAURANT – Immaculate and spectacular, Signature Restaurant is an amazing sight to behold. Their delicacies are served by their well trained staff  with a touch of excellence. It’s a delightful place for meals and events.
3. THE VIP/HAPPY ENDING LOUNGE – We stepped into a sizable and well-furnished room that is both serene and romantic. As we were exclusively informed by the manager of Signature, an average of 15 proposals has been held in the ascribed love room which equally has a touch of roses. Wanna marry bloggers immediately got inspired for the “Will you marry me” adventure. 
4. THE CONFERENCE ROOM – Signature has a well-furnished conference space with facilities that can adequately host all forms of engagement.

5. THE SPAR/NO HAPPY ENDING – Signature Spar offers the most relaxing and stress detoxification massage experience that is without happy ending. Their masseurs are professionals with high moral values and a touch that leaves you better and not bitter.
6. THE BUSH BAR – Which I earlier described as serene and comfortable, offers myriad of Nigerian delicacies like “Nkwobi” peppered meat etc. It’s another lovely site for lovers and an exquisite hangout place for friends. 

7. THE HALL – Signature training hall is most suitable for all form of learning. It's clean comfortable and creatively designed. 

My humble self and some of the bloggers at Signature walkway of fame. 

Bloggers hangout at Signature was a rare experience. At the end of the 3 hours meeting, I realized that the visit to Signature was my signature to an uncommon experience of class, relaxation and satisfaction. 

You should Sign in - Visit Signature at No. 38 Lingu crescent off Aminu Kano  road, behind UBA Wuse II, Abuja.

Photo credit: Ordinary&Arts

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