Monday, 10 October 2016

Trump invites four of Bill Clinton 'sex victims' to the debate

Donald Trump took four of the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault to the debate on Sunday. Before Sunday night's debate against Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump allowed reporters to interview the victims, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathy Shelton and Paula Jones – in St. Louis.

Broaddrick, an Arkansas nursing home administrator who has accused Bill Clinton of forcibly raping her when he was the state's attorney general, said that 'actions speak louder than words.' 

'Mr. Trump may have said some bad words, but Bill Clinton raped me. And Hillary Clinton threatened me. I don't think there's any comparison.'Shelton who was raped at the age of 12 by a man whom Hillary Clinton defended in court was also present. She said:

'At 12 years old Hillary put me through something that you would never put a 12-year-old through.' 
'And she says she's for women and children. And she was asked last year what happened, and she said she's supposed to defend [clients] whether they did it or not. Now she's laughing on tape, saying she –' Shelton, who became overcome with emotion, stopped speaking..Then Trump said: 'You went through a lot'.

Shelton respoinded: 'Yes sir, I did,' she answered. 
The on Twitter she said:

'I may be Hillary Clinton’s 1st female victim. She ruined my life; defended my rapist & blamed me. I was 12 yrs old. Then she laughed at me,' one message read. 'I don’t care if Trump said gross things. I care that Hillary Clinton lied, terrorized, & mocked me, defending my rapist,' she added. Paula Jones, who won an $800,000 lawsuit settlement after accusing Bill Clinton of sexual harassment, was also present.

Kathleen Willey, who accused Bill Clinton of allegedly groping her in a room near the Oval Office in1993, was also present. She said she was having a private meeting with Clinton when he embraced her, kissed her on the mouth, grabbed her breast and put her hand on his crotch.
She said:
"I just remember thinking, 'What in the world is he doing?'" Willey said. "I was just startled." 

She said she had a meeting with Clinton to ask for a paying job because her husband was having financial problems and facing legal troubles.

Unfortunately, her husband, Ed Willey, killed himself that same day of the meeting, though neither Kathleen Willey or the president or the president knew about it at the time.

Reporters in the room listened patiently to the four women indict the Clintons. As soon as they were done, reporter started hammering Donald Trump with questions about the sex audio tape.

'Does your star power allow you to touch women without their consent?' demanded a Wall Street Journal writer.
'Did you touch the women without their consent?' asked the Associated Press. 'Why did you say you touched women without their consent, Mr. Trump?' asked a CBS News journalist.The questions annoyed Paula Jones who exploded and said:

'Why don't y'all go ask Bill Clinton that?' she exclaimed. 'Go ahead, ask Hillary as well!'

Source: Daily Mail

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