Monday, 21 November 2016

10 Key Facts all Nigerians should know about the Power Sector.

Nigerians deserve to know the true state of things in the country, our economy and infrastructural development is hinged on this. A well informed populace is needed in the fight for a better Nigeria. 

Enough of the media propagandas and political brouhahas, the darkness instigated by poor state of power in Nigeria is for real and it needs to be addressed adequately. While the Minister of Power Works and Housing Fashola Babatunde is promising a 10,000 megawatt power generation in 2019, a key player in the power sector released a statement which urged Nigerians not to expect any improvement in the power sector in the next five years. I love to be optimistic and realistic at the same time.

Mrs. Olufunke Osibodu who is the Managing Director of Benin Electricity Distribution Company gave a key note address at the 11th Founder’s Day event of the American University of Nigeria in Yola on Saturday, 19th November, 2016. Speaking at the event, Mrs. Osibodu urged all Nigerians not to expect any meaningful improvement in Nigeria’s power in the next five years.

In the very revealing speech, she blamed Nigerians for deceiving politicians and also for all to be friends of time as things cannot just improve overnight. Below are 10 key things we need to know about the state of power in Nigeria as extracted from Mrs. Osibodu’s speech. Read them after the cut……..

· 250billion naira is required annually to fix power in Nigeria

· Nigeria power problem is not only in generating of electricity power but also in transmission and distribution.

· Nigeria is currently producing 2% of the power it requires

· We have 32million household population

· Of the 32million households only 4 million is registered with various distribution companies

· About 36% of power generated is lost through theft, illegal consumption or non-payment of bills

· Another 14% of power generated is lost through poor network

· Nigerians waste 30% of generated power by not turning off light and other gadgets not in use.

· The 2% power generated is still played down to wastage and theft

· Power , Works and Housing Minister promised the generation of 10,000megawatt power by 2019 

We all have a role to play - While we wait for government to be more responsible in usage of funds and development of our infrastructure. All Nigerians need to be more responsible in the usage of power by: 

1. Ensuring we all pay our PHCN bills

2. Stopping all form of illegal consumption of power

3. Abate wastage of power – Put off light and other gadgets when not in use

4. Stand up against all form of power theft

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