Thursday, 3 November 2016

Check out how you can get a day of free meal at Amala Korner Abuja.

Amala Korner, a fast growing and unique MamaPut Joint that offers the best of Nigerian delicacies is set to give you more for eating with her. 

You can get a free plate of hot sizzling amala at Amala Korner when you enjoy your meal time at the restaurant 10 times, you will need not pay a dime at your 11th visit, it's that easy!!! A day of free meal three times a month can save you a fortune you know. 

Amala Korner is located at Woodbridge Garden, End of Kur Mohammed Way, at the back of central mosque (park after yahuza suya@river plate) and it’s popularly known for its two in one concept. She offers both African and Intercontinental dishes. At Amala Korner you can’t miss your favourite meal, she offers it all. 

Call 08033087318 to get your meal delivered to you.

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