Monday, 19 December 2016

Must Read: The Nigerian I Should Be.

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The winds of change are upon us. Many in our nation are hurting, it’s now time to bind the wounds. As a nationalistic blogger and patriotism advocate, I appeal to all of you Nigerians to join me to be instrument of peace and kindness, acceptance and understanding. I invite you to join me in an effort to help make Nigeria better by great act of patriotism.
At this very moment you have a choice that will lead to either peace or pain, choose peace. Nobody wins when everybody runs on raw nerve, misinformation and chaos. The challenge is to be Nigerians that build not destroy.

During the 2015 Presidential Election, Nigeria surmounted lots of political hassles and voted for change, a change largely believe to bring us out of our dilemma. One year plus after, a lot of Nigerians seem disappointed. We are not just feeling the pain of recession; many of us are in a sort of perpetual sadness and fear for our nation’s future. Our pain and disappointment is colossal, so also our confusion.
Our fears, pain, frustration and disappointment have caused many to lash out in unhelpful ways. And, sadly, our hope for a better country seems blink. A situation that should cause us to unite and join forces together to ensure the menace is dealt with squarely, have become a tool of division. I know how disappointing this situation is, but we can be united and helpful as our country needs us now.
In 12 days we will be stepping into a new year, we must make new resolve to do our part in making Nigeria better by been the Nigerians we should be. Here are 11 things we all can do to help -
Mercy Ebute Patriotism’s Top Eleven Ways to Been The Nigerian I(You) Should Be:
1.    Stop watching the media and Social media bias.
2.   Keep your family from engaging in negative communication. And protect children from media rhetoric.
3.    Post only peaceful, understanding and unifying messages on social media.
4.    Pray for Nigeria.
5.    Build a better Nigerian attitude.
6.    Call and write your politicians and tell them you want them to take measures to make things better in your ministry, state or local government.
7.    Volunteer to help bring peace in your area.
8.    Form Neighborhood Watch/Help groups in your community to build a better community and assist law enforcement in keeping the peace.  
9.    Don’t engage in divisive act and by all means obey all laws.

10. If you haven’t been in church/mosque lately, return and bring your family. Invite friends to join you. Nigeria needs to turn back to God. If we do, He will bless us with peace and freedom.
11. Pray for President Buhari, the Vice President Osinbajo and the cabinet that they will be good and visionary leaders.

We’ve had enough. It’s time to build and not destroy. We must stand up for Nigeria.

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