Saturday, 7 January 2017

Frankie Giva Releases Patriotic Songs For Nigeria and Ghana.

 Frankie Giva a UK based Ghanaian who is a school consultant and a talented artiste, writer and composer who is extremely creative and innovative in his thinking, dropped singles and message for both Ghana and Nigeria as the country goes through significant changes. Also featured in the singles are Debbie Praise, A2B and Oche and produced by Greenwox Ghana Arise and Nigeria Rise. 

Both singles which are highly patriotic songs have been playing in the UK and across Europe. The songs were officially released online on Friday the 6th of January 2017.

The song is powerful and so spiritual. It connects every Ghanaian and Nigerian to understand the CHANGE and their role as citizens of their nation within Africa that as Nigeria the Giant of Africa grows and Ghana maintains her peace then Africa will begin to grow stronger. 

Nigerians are tired of being tired and Ghanaians are tired of being just quiet. It is about time for the citizens especially the youth to take up the mantle and think critically to move Africa forward.

Click the links below to listen/download song.....

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