Monday, 16 January 2017


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The announcement last Sunday, of the"Forced" retirement of Pastor E A Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, as the Leader of RCCG in Nigeria, was initially misconstrued by a majority of Nigerians as voluntary retirement of the over all leader of the church from Service. But it took a follow up circular circulated in the media to correct the fact that he still remains the general over seer of the church World wide . This developement may have come to a lot of Nigerians as a rude shock. But to discerning individuals who have watched the emerging dispensation , this did not come as a surprise . 

My first reaction to that Announcment, which first hit me from a Facebook post, was to confirm the reasons put forward for that unintentional retirement. When later, I read the letter from the church and realized the raisin d' tre for this retirement, I became so sad. Sad to the point of vituperative outburst. 
If Pastor Adeboye had retired because he was led by God or because it was agreed by his church council, or any other reason personal to him, that would have been a bit understandable. But to have been coerced by a law as recent as October 2016 is a disturbing developement.

This is one of the weapons of the enemy to subjugate And pulverize Christianity in Nigeria and this is just one of the numerous provisions smuggled into Nigerian law to strangulate Christians and yet the Christians are smiling. 

This is more serious than most people ever imagined. yet some in their naïveté are still shouting Halleluyah in commendation . Disaster is looming. Christianity is being threatened to its foundation and most people still see it as normal. These are just the little foxes sent ahead of the draculars, Tigers, Lions and Elephants on their way. And I must emphasis: Nobody should be at ease in this era. 
Now let's look at the said law that precipitated this compulsory retirement. Which I am aware will affect every church in the land. It emanated from the Federal Ministry of Trade and Industry. The ministry that supervises the Financial Reporting Council. The minister in charge of the ministry is Dr Okechukwu Enelamah., a southern Christian. While the minister of state Aisha Abubakar whose assignment it was to complete this job is a MOSLEM. You can see how they use our own people to afflict us. 

NOW, with the suspension of the law by the government and the matters arising there from, it is easy to assume that we have succeeded in check mating the government . But let me inform all of you that this is a mere face saving measure and it does not solve the endemic problem that led to this situation. 

This law was made to appear neutral and innocuous but the crafters knew their intent. It had a target. It is meant to hit an obvious destination like so many other laws in the making. 

LET ME USE THIS HUMBLE MEDIUM TO SEND A CLARION CALL to all Christians in Nigeria. If you love God, and you want to continue to serve God without persecution, then we must all rise to this non sense. To be forewarned is to be for armed. We are suffering today because we failed to heed the prior warning of several visionary people 

Before the last election, someone called Pastor Bosun Emmanuel warned this nation with facts and figures concerning the danger that lurks around. Yet we hushed him up. Incidentally he happened to be a pastor from RCCG. The same RCCG as a result of greed and avarice, silenced and banned his messages and settled for the Ishmaelite leader as opposed to a member of the kingdom. Now everything he told us and beyond that is being fulfilled today. And yet this is just a tip of the iceberg. 

However, all hope is not lost. We can still rescue the situation. If we are ready to act, our God is ready to deliver . 

There is a big danger ahead. For your information the battle is from two fronts . There are those whose responsibility it is to smuggle pernicious adulterations to our laws purposely to harm Christians and the other category are the Militant arm now represented by the herdsmen to use violence. The ultimate agenda is to plunder Christianity and put Christians on the defensive. Right now as we speak, several other foot soldiers are tampering with other codes, edicts and laws for same purpose . The grazing bill is still in progress at the National Assembly . Hijab is being considered to be worn by Moslems in all schools in the land. 

Did any one notice that we have an additional subject for our pupils in Nigerian schools? Go and find out. It was smuggled in through the ministry of Education. The objective of that subject is to teach all our children that MOHAMMED is the greatest prophet. Have you found out about the move to introduce Sharia in all states? What can I say? Numerous other constitutional amendments are surreptitiously being concocted just to achieve one major purpose . 

All Christian leaders should summon an emergency meeting. When I say all Christian leaders, I mean all who head a major Christian organization that call the name of Jesus. This meeting should carefully analyze the state of the nation and introduce desperate and enforceable measures under God to rescue the situation . 

This must be urgent. 
God Bless
Asu Ekiye

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