Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Turkish college kidnap: Abductors reduce ransom to N750m

There were indications yesterday that the kidnappers of 10 students and staff of the Nigerian Turkish International College, NTIC, Ogun State have reduced their earlier demand of N1.2 billion ransom for the release of the abducted persons, to N750 million. Relatives of the Nigerian victims were requested to pay N50 million each while N200 million was demanded as ransom for that of the Turkish Mathematics teacher, Miss Deria. 

This is just as the location of the victims was identified by security operatives. According to information on Vanguard, there was disagreement among parents of some of the victims over attempt to carry out individual ransom negotiations. For instance, while some relatives were begging the abductors to collect N2 million for the release of their wards, others were ready to pay between N10 million and N15 million. 

One of the parents, who spoke with Vanguard on the condition of anonymity, said; “The decision was to pool resources together and pay for their release. But as it is now, some of us are bargaining individually. Some even said they would pay between N10 to N15 million while some of us have not been able to raise up to N3 million. ‘’For instance, one of the abducted staff is the bread winner of her home. Tell me, where will her family get such amount to pay? “Friends and relatives have been pooling resources together, yet I have not been able to raise up to N2 million. 

This is the third day and no hope yet for my daughter’s release. My worry is that my daughter is very fragile. Only God knows the psychological and emotional trauma she will be going through at her tender age. ‘’Her mother has resorted to prayer. Infact, she has not slept a wink since news of our daughter’s kidnap was received”, he said. 

The cheering news received yesterday was security sources hint that they had located where the victims were kept . Although the exact location was not revealed, sources explained that caution was being taken so that the victims will not be hurt. 

Vanguard revealed that the kidnapped students were shown begging in tears Three of the students were given opportunity to speak with their parents, in order to convince them that the victims were still alive. Each of the female students as gathered, passionately appealed to their parents to reach out to government for funds, to ensure their speedy release. One of them, said to be an only child who spoke with her mother in tears, was quoted as saying; ‘’Mummy, can’t government intervene in this matter? This is the third night and nothing has been said nor done. Please beg government to help us out. “ 

Parents, teachers, go spiritual Meanwhile, parents and teachers and other members of staff of the school have resorted to go spiritual , by undertaking chain prayers since the incident occurred. 

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