Thursday, 9 February 2017

Valentine: Decorating an "I LOVE YOU" Interior!

Don’t get it twisted love is a beautiful thing, and the full mystery of it is yet to be unraveled. For me love is that which adds meaning to living and oh how miserable the world will be without love. This will turn your home and life to a love haven. 
Like charity, practically everything begins from your home, especially love. It’s most appropriate that the people we love are the ones closest to us, the ones we share our lives and apartment with but just too sad to mention people have lost the value of a loving and happy home. There is just so much bitterness in our homes that members of the family will rather spend longer time outside hanging out with friends, colleagues, business partners, make a lot of trips and make lots of enemies in the process just to get away from the chaos at home and isn't that sad?
Try your best to change it but you will fail at it because there is really no place like home.This is just my little attempt to contribute positively to your home, some 5 tips that will help to promote love just by adding it to your decoration ideas.

1. Make your bedroom the most valid room in your house. I want to assume especially for the married that you have at least a bedroom apartment but if you are in a room still read on, it also apply to you. The moment your decorating priorities become the places that are more visible to visitors you loose a touch on home love unconsciously. Especially if you don’t have all the cash to furnish the whole house at a time, then start from your bedroom. Don’t have a set of cozy chairs in your parlor and in your bedroom it is just a worn out mattress. Make your decorating more about the people you are living with than visitors. I know we have said severally that your house should be welcoming and visitors friendly, I so much agree with that but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your own comfort. Use all the decorating magic you can get to spice up your bedroom(s) it just says to your spouse, children or relatives that you value them and you want to make them comfortable and anyone else that visits will only see how much I love you. Hope I have made you understand this point. Will be throwing more light on this on my subsequent write ups so stay in touch.
2 No matter what your room colors are have a touch of red. It is common knowledge that red is the love color. My favorite colors are pink, purple, grey but I will always like to throw in a touch of red that I call my love décor. Once you catch a view of it, it just makes a statement – I love you. This item could just be a throw pillow, a décor stand, a pourri pot, and some pebbles just one singular item that once it comes into the scene or into view your family members automatically know that it is the family’s love symbol. That symbol that says no hate here please

Have 3 more points on this but don’t want to give you too much to read at a time, you need to first digest this two and make effort to inculcate them into your home and wow you will definitely have a love inspired sanctuary.
Love is the ultimate, with love all kinds of family, societal and national problems will be solved and the world will be a better place for all people.
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