Thursday, 30 March 2017

My 30 Minuntes Visit To Federal Inland Revenue Service(FIRS)

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The night that precedes the day I have to pay a visit to any Government Ministry or Parastatal I would usually have a night mare. We all know why!

So when the call came in and I had an urgent need to visit FIRS for a transaction I immediately became worried. Can't stand civil service worker's attitude; I might even be asked for lunch money(rebranded name for bribe) to get what I want, my expectations for bad service were colosal. While in my thought, the hour came and I slept off.

My friend warned me to go early in order to beat the "no light" excuse for delay to get my document printed out, so I practically welcomed everyone to the office as I went earlier than resumption time. But to my amazement, the 3 hours scheduled as transaction time in FIRS only took less than 30mins. I was practically stunned. Here is how it went.......

As I stepped into the premises, I saw a good number of staff trooping to work for the day, as a smart Nigerian I spotted a nice looking woman and decided to be friend her so that she can help to facilitate things for me.(My need was really urgent) I followed her to her desk, waited a bit for her to finish her prayer rituals for about a minute or two. After her prayers she smiled and asked that I take a seat. Told her what I wanted and she directed me to the office where I would get it done. She also left me an assurance and said she is here to help if I have any difficulties. Wow! I was really impressed by her warmness.

In the second office, I also met a lady who was super kind. She gave me the form to fill and pleaded that I wait a bit as those to attend to me will arrive shortly. True to her words, in no time, I was directed to a gentle man who did my transaction in less than 10 minutes. While I sat at his table, another lady stepped in with a wonderful smile, and offered me a sumptuous greeting, she even thanked the guy who was handling my transaction for attending to this pretty lady(me).

I didn't only feel pretty but I was grateful for the team of FIRS who gave me a pretty wonderful service in a Nigerian government office. All hope is not lost. I didn't need to sort out any one, I didn't get my most dreaded civil service attitude, no my file was not missing. Things went smoothly and a transaction I thought was going to take atleast 3 hours took 30mins. Actucally less than that. I stepped out and was perplexed that I could get such a wonderful service from a government office in Nigeria.

Those Who Complain Must Also Commend:
We live in a country where the buzz for bad is so loud one wonders if there is any good atall happening in Nigeria. So much about those who give bribe but nothing of those who refuse it or those whistle blowers who risk everything to reveal fraudulent act in their ministry. So much for bad governance but too little for those who are doing their best to make Nigeria better. Commendations/awards are great motivators for good act. If it's good say it, don't just wait to amplify the bad.

Nigeria can only be developed by Nigerians not Ghanaians or Britains, that will be colonialism, I bet we are done with that. We must stand up for this country and be the change we want to see in the country. Patriotic strides is the core for my blog, Nigerians who are standing up and taking action to build the country positively must be brought to the limelight for the purpose of encouraging them and others to do more.

In line with this, I was privileged to be among the Social media team for the #NoSidonLook  online campaign which trended on twitter yesterday. Ordinary Nigerians are doing extra ordinary things, do not be left out. Let us build Nigeria together. 

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