Wednesday, 15 March 2017


While I was away, birds flew, rivers flowed, sun shined and the rains are yet to come at least in my part of Abuja. Everything remained natural, but staying off my blog for over a month was not. Had updated my blog daily for at least two years and was beginning to break even as a blogger when the unexpected happened.

While a technical reason can't be given for not blogging for this long, it is pertinent to mention that a lot happened during my time off that I will like to talk about. Some who could, got in touch with the "what is happening to you" question, and my response was, "am just taking time off to rethink my niche."

While rethinking my niche, I stayed in touch with happenings on social media, I just watched, listened and talked less or most time i am just blatantly quiet. Well, when comments on President Buhari's sick leave to the UK was getting out of hand, I did appear on my Facebook page to appeal to Nigerians to be patient, that I had to do, because the uninformed speculations were disturbing my space. Thankfully he is back and everyone is now quiet. The fear of bad comment on the President and his government is the beginning of wisdom. Who jail epp?

Talking about jail, heard of Audu Maikori's arrest, re-arrest and just 2 days ago he was granted bail on the grounds of ill health. What landed him in that condition is a good one to look into. "Mr. Maikori faces allegations of incitement to violence initiated by the Kaduna State Government over inaccurate tweets he posted in which he alleged assassination of some college students in Southern Kaduna."He came out and apologized for his ignorant talk but he is still dancing to the music. Nigerians have risen to his defense, I hope we rise up from making uninformed or missed informed comments too. There is freedom of speech but freedom after speech is not guaranteed. Objectivity is key in airing our opinion. 

Also heard there is some form of policing going on on the Nigeria cyber space which have labeled writing or forwarding any message on any political and religious debate as "cyber crime" which will properly lead to arrest without warrant. Someone shared that info this morning but it is not verified. Things are really happening in this dear country of mine.

Time will not permit me to look into other issues like the closure of Abuja airport, the increased crime and accident rate on Abuja-Kaduna route, the evil and good of BBNaija, the AMVCA, Osinbajo's time as VP, the clerk who slumped and died in National Assembly, Naira rise, the suspended whistle blower in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on and on and on the politics, entertainment and social activity in Nigeria is epic. 

The thing about been away is not just about the news that happened but the new thing that happened to me. Yes I did a lot of rethinking, did quite a number of business but the main event that drove me to doing the aforementioned was the day I had my laptop stolen(The unexpected). Before it was stolen, it was corrupted for about a week or two and as I took it for repair, I lost it in transit. It was heartbreaking but I didn't let it break me. I just naturally slipped into a blogging sabbatical, missed blogging but it became an essential time for me and its adding up.

I am a nationalistic/patriotic blogger, prior to now, I just woke up in the morning and updated my blog with news update, having little or no time to post articles around my niche. That have changed, my post now is restricted majorly to exclusive articles that amplifies what my blog niche is all about. Will do a bit of news update tho.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead. The change I want to see begins with me. We loose the right to demand for good governance, when we live lawlessly towards the law of the land. Nigeria can be better by the collective effort of Nigerians who have the right attitude towards the country, "Attitude is everything."

While some people are complaining about change, others are changing and reaping the benefit therein. The benefits of change can be yours. While I was away, I did change and you will be seeing much of that change on my blog.

Thanks and please feel free to share your opinion in the comment box. Here your freedom after speech is guaranteed. Really!

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