Monday, 24 April 2017

Inside Public School Series: #1-Poor School Infrastructures and Unhealthy Food

The excerpt below was taken from the student diary of a secondary school student in a Unity school located in a state capital. The situation is even worse in regular public schools and LEA schools in both rural and urban communities. I have several other student diaries from the students with very similar complaints and horrific things I cannot even write about here. 
"We are really suffering. In the hostel, there is no light and the toilet is not in good condition. We are facing some problems in the sickbay. There is not enough drugs to offer to the sick students and they won’t let us go home to be treated. And also, in the dining hall, the food is not enough and they cancel too much tables and let us to go without food. The food is watery and tasteless and sometimes we see things inside it but we eat it like that. That is better than soaking garri. In JSS2 block, the classes do not have windows and doors. The ceiling is rotten and sometimes we don’t even have chair in the classroom. There is no fan and good regulator because it is not usually secured. During prep time, there is no bulb in the class and sometimes the generator usually have problem. Sometime there is no good generator and the scarcity of diesel in the school." (Musa, 13)

Friday, 21 April 2017

Inside Public Schools Series: Addressing Education Needs in Nigeria

I like it, or should I say I love it, when I see a Nigerian who won't just sit and complain but who will do something to help the situation. Noella Oputa is one who is making a difference with her Inside Public Schools series. I am glad, I have the platform to help amplify this as I will be sharing her weekly write up on my blog. Its just right to push this to as many people as possible. Hoping it will get to the right channel and make the right impact. Nigeria deserves the best of educational system. Read from Noella below:

It is not news that a lot of things have fallen apart in Nigeria but this has been the situation for a long time. Worse is the nonchalance, blind eye and indifference given to the problems we have or might I say the attitude of “resilience” which is a common word used to describe the Nigerian spirit. As much as this has been used as a compliment, in actual sense, it is not. We have been taught to tolerate and accept things the way they are irrespective of how pitiful and destructive a situation is.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

#1000VoicesFWC- The Easter Monday To Remember (Video)

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The Senior Pastor and congregation of Family Worship Centre, Abuja turned out en-mass for a one of a kind  event yesterday, Easter Monday 17th April, 2017 - #1000VoicesFWC.

With the aim of lifting up the name of Jesus and speaking hope to it's numerous online and offline audience, the Youth Church Pastor, Joshua Ochu led the congregation in a series of activity, which includes a cross formation, the procession of light bearers, the 1000 voices praise choir and some other key performances.

The about 33 minutes event was streamed live online on the church's social media platform. It shows members all dressed in white and seated in a cross formation with an electrifying stage. Continue to see more photos and video of the event...........

Monday, 3 April 2017


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Our words shape our world, so take a good look at the world around you and see how much construction work you have done with the words you speak. I looked at my world and exclaimed, what! Did I say that? Have anyone noticed the huge similarity in spelling and pronouncing word and world? Their closeness is too close to ignore.

Words are building materials and I will like to ask; if you are to build Nigeria with the words of Nigerians what will Nigeria be like? Sadly, it will be an awful country. Our country is the must guaranteed space given to us to build our world, we can’t destroy it. Be a yes we can Nigerian, see beyond the trouble and deliberately say words that will build her and not destroy her more.

Saturday, 1 April 2017


It's the beginning of a new quarter, 3 months gone into the year 2017. It's time to reappraise and re-strategise to achieve your set goals for the year.
Embrace the month knowing that nothing is impossible. Wishing you everything lovely in April. Go for it, Yes You Can.

Nigerians top the chart in British Council/Commonwealth Short story writing competition.

The British Council and the Commonwealth Secretariat recently ran an international short story writing competition based on theme of "Belonging" which received over three thousand entries from both school children and teachers from Commonwealth countries around the world.

Proudly, Nigerian teachers clinched 4 positions among the top ten winners. The Nigerian top ten winners are: Ngozi Razak-Soyebi who came 2nd, the 6th, 8th and 9th position went to Olamide Aluko, Peter Brown and Vera Obiakor respectively. A huge congrats to them.

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