Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Where there is life there is hope- What these Nigerians have to say about Nigeria will amaze you.

I walked it out for a corrupt free Nigeria at the solidarity walk organized by various civil society organizations on the 29th of May, 2017. The walk which was organized to mark the 18th Democracy day of Nigeria had notable Nigerians in attendance. I interviewed some of them with the aim of hearing what the civil societies are thinking about Nigeria. Is there hope for Nigeria? How can we collectively surmount our problems and make Nigeria great again.

I got some of the finest thought from five distinguished Nigerians who are not just keeping their hope alive for Nigeria but who are doing whatever they can to make a difference. Let’s hear from them below:

My first feature is Barrister Eli Gamaliel – He is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association:

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Photos: National Democracy Stakeholders Group stage solidarity walk to mark Nigeria's 18th Democracy Day.

 To consolidate Nigeria's 18th Democracy Day,  Civil Society Organisations under the auspices of National Democracy Stakeholders Group (NDSG) staged a National Democracy Solidarity Walk themed: "Walk For A Corruption Free Nigeria." The walk was held yesterday, 29th May, 2017 which marks the day Nigeria transited from Military rule to Democratic rule in 1999 when power was handed over to then President Olusegun Obasanjo by General Abdusalami Abubakar.

The walk has a national vision of being a potent instrument of creating awareness, impacting education, enlightenment and all essential publicity that enables good governance and national integration, the group said.

As we take this walk we are saying collectively that we are happy that our democracy have been sustained for the past eighteen years, we are also saying that we can be better, we are also saying that we can kick corruption out of Nigeria and we are also saying that Nigeria can be great again, and you know what? It will take you and I - Mr. Kleitsaint Akor (Convener NDSG)

See more pictures from the solidarity walk below:

Monday, 29 May 2017

Reminiscing Nigeria's 18 Years of Unbroken Democracy.

 I hope our democracy is no longer a demonstration of craze like late Fela Kuti sang, I believe it has delivered us some dividends that is worth celebrating. So happy democracy day to all my fellow Nigerians out-there.  
Prior to May 29, 1999, Nigeria went through series of dictatorial military rule and the dream of a democratic Nigeria was far fetch. Today we remain grateful that power is no longer taken by force but given by the people through popular and credible elections.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Abuja Insecurity Heightened as Mugged Blogger Narrowly escapes death: Residents Cry Out.

The spate of insecurity in the Federal Capital Territory has become worrisome given the poor and dilapidated infrastructure and lack of lit street lamps that has made night driving a horrendous experience in most parts of the city. The daily menace of snatching of properties, stabbing, rape and armed robbery has become unbearable and residents live in fear of who the next target could be.

Just last night, an Abuja based blogger Kevin Fyneface of escaped death narrowly with a Youth corps member, Sunday Joseph on their way from Maitama having attended an Album Launch event by Dr. Paul Oluikpe. They were waylaid, stabbed and robbed just after Mabushi flyover, before Berger round-about in Abuja.

Monday, 15 May 2017

All You Need To Know About Diva Essentials Lifestyle Brand in Abuja

DIVA ESSENTIALS is a lifestyle brand in Nigeria’s federal capital territory that is providing solutions through products and services. It was founded out of a passion to make people look good, feel good while helping them realize their potentials towards becoming all that they can be.Diva Essentials stands out as a luxury lifestyle and fashion brand with a focus on attentionto details. With a team consisting of professionals with several years of experience working in different aspects of fashion design and possessing innovative, dynamic, fashion-forward, skills of global standard. 

Friday, 5 May 2017

The making of a new Nigeria – Part 2

By Peter Obi
A major and critical part of the macroeconomic instability we are facing today is as a result of our weak foreign exchange reserve. Should Nigeria have a reserve of over $100 billion, we would be able to maintain a stable exchange rate, rein in on inflation, meet the demands for legitimate imports as well as attract foreign portfolio and direct investors. We would be in a position to embark on massive infrastructure spending. In any case, I do not think that our economy would have gone into recession in the first place if we had over $100 billion in foreign reserve.

To further elucidate why we must commence savings immediately, Nigeria was not included in the BRICS economy even when it was the biggest economy in Africa because of its poor infrastructure. We have now been included in the MINT economy which are Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey. If you look at these nation, Mexico with a population of 130 million has GDP of 1.1trillion, forex reserve of over $150 billion, Capital market capitalisation of over $400 billion, positive GDP growth, unemployment and inflation under 10 per cent; Indonesia population of over 200m , GDP $870 billion, forex reserve of $100 billion, capital market of over $300 billion, positive GDP growth, inflation and unemployment under 10 per cent; Turkey – over 80m population, 780 billion GDP, over 100 billion forex reserve, Market Capitalisation of about $200 billion, positive GDP growth, inflation and unemployment under 10 per cent. When compared with Nigeria, with over 170 million pop, GDP $413 billion, Forex reserve of $30 billion, Market Capitalisation of about $30 billion, Negative GDP growth, Inflation and Unemployment of about 20 per cent. One can see clearly the need for us to resolve today to start saving in order to turn around our economy tomorrow.

14 million Nigerians to get bank alert as FG approves $250million soft loan

Pic - The bank alert move!
According to report on reliable news platforms, the federal government has approved a US$250 million soft loan from African Development Bank (AfDB) and African Development Finance (ADF) for improving the quality of life of 14 million Nigerians.

Before we all get dancing, we need to ensure this is not yet another vague promise that will end with the headlines. With the hungry state of many Nigerians in the North East, this is a commendable initiative and the Federal Government should ensure implementation of promises made.

The approved loan was disclosed in a statement issued by the Director of Information in the Federal Ministry of Finance, Salisu Saleh Na’Inna, in Abuja.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Worker's Day: Correcting The Civil Servant Menace

Today workers are given a day to rest from work even on a work day. It's a day most workers look forward to and luckily this year's May day fell on a Monday, that extends the weekend by another day. I must say happy Workers Day to you all.

While it's a day of appreciation for workers, it should also be a day to reflect on worker's attitude, today I am focusing on the Nigerian civil servant. When  you are appreciated it should serve as a motivation to do better. 
As for the Nigerian Civil servant a whole lot need to be done to our work ethics. I wrote 15ways to be the change you want to see in Nigeria on my blog about two years ago and the 8th item on that list is focused on correcting the civil servant's attitude to work menace. It says "Be Early Be Effective." Read it below and do enjoy a fantastic May Day - "Those who work, deserve to rest"

Inside Public Schools Series: #2-Normalisation of Bullying in Public Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Hello readers, I brought you the first episode of Noella's Inside Public School series last week, click HERE to read it if you missed it. This week I am bringing you her second episode. It is focused on tackling bullying amongst secondary school pupil, read it below:
hey use hanger, they’ll break it and use to lash us and iron metal. To me, it is a normal thing because one day too I will be a senior_ Junior female student

They used cutlass hoe or very thick belt, it was bloody. That was 50 lashes but it’s normal_ Male student

Happy New Month To You

It's May! 
Happy New Month Dear. 
May you blossom this month and
may all the dreams and aspiration for the month of May be granted.
Keep Soaring. #NoLimit.

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