Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Where there is life there is hope- What these Nigerians have to say about Nigeria will amaze you.

I walked it out for a corrupt free Nigeria at the solidarity walk organized by various civil society organizations on the 29th of May, 2017. The walk which was organized to mark the 18th Democracy day of Nigeria had notable Nigerians in attendance. I interviewed some of them with the aim of hearing what the civil societies are thinking about Nigeria. Is there hope for Nigeria? How can we collectively surmount our problems and make Nigeria great again.

I got some of the finest thought from five distinguished Nigerians who are not just keeping their hope alive for Nigeria but who are doing whatever they can to make a difference. Let’s hear from them below:

My first feature is Barrister Eli Gamaliel – He is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association:

Consolidating Nigeria’s democracy at 18, what do you have to say about Nigeria?
Nigeria is a great country of cause a sleeping giant of Africa but 18 years of uninterrupted fourth dispensation democracy is advantageous for all of us to participate in it. Importantly you will find out that citizens’ participation has not been at the point it should be. I think part of what we are encouraging today is to say corruption have impeded our participation and also impeded other aspect of our work. So we can have a corrupt free Nigeria so that Nigerians of noble character can participate in democracy and also have the benefit of the best minds to sharpen our decision making. 
Nigerians are beginning to give up on Nigeria, do you still have hope in Nigeria?
Where there is live there is hope and you don’t know what we have until we lose it. Importantly you have to know that we dodged the bullet in 2015 and so it’s very important right now to participate so we can get the right people into the right places so decision can be made in our best interest. Nigeria has a promising future. If Brigitte Macron of France at 29 years can do it, then there’s a future for all of us here.

Barrister Eli encourages us to keep our hope alive and advocates for adequate citizens participation in democratic process.

In my next post I will be featuring a Football coach, he expressed his thought in a very interesting and provocative way……….watch out

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