Friday, 16 June 2017

Citizenship and nation building

The social media is filled with information about ethnic and religious marginalization. While some Christians perceive every action of government as efforts to Islamize Nigeria, some Muslims are demanding that Christians allow them freedom to practise Islam as in the case of wearing hijab in schools. The leaders of the nation need to be aware of this threat and nip it in the bud. This is necessary because, in a country where the rights and obligations of citizens take priority, who governs the nation, whether a Muslim or Christian, should really not be a question. A true leader ought to be above ethnic, religious and party affiliation in governance. The phrase “I belong to no body and I belong to everybody”, if fully put into practise can save Nigeria from religious manipulation, conflict and war.

Update: The clash between the Executive and Legislature on 2017 budget.

As far as this administration is concerned, it seems budget wars have come to stay. From dealing with padding issues, we now have constitutional power battle between the Executive and the Legislation at hand. Though the budget have been presented and passed, assertion by the executive is far-fetched.
Below are quotes from key players of the budget tussle:
1.  We will not concede our constitutional powers to the executive arm of government - Senate. 
2.The House would not serve as a rubber stamp to the executive arm- House of Reps. 

Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Four Biggest Lies in Nigeria listed by a Nigerian Man.

Michael Uzoma Odii took to his facebook page to share his opinion on what the four biggest lies in Nigeria are. Even though the list of lies seems true, do we agree with him?

Another ultimatum for Nigerians: Two South African communities give Nigerians residing there quit notice

 Charity they say begins at home so does every other thing. When Nigerians are given ultimatum of departure in their own country, do we expect to be treated otherwise by foreign nations? According to report, Nigerians in two South African communities have been asked to vacant their communities. While a community asked landlords not to renew rent for Nigerians, the other gave a one day quit ultimatum. Read the report below:
Two South African communities, Kuruman community in Northern Cape Province and Klaafontein community, Extension 5 in Johannesburg, have reportedly given the Nigerians residing there quit notice.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

At 18, Nigeria is democratically an adult.

This post mark the third edition of my democracy day interview which held on the recent Democracy day, 29th May, 2017 at the solidarity walk for democracy put together by the National Democracy Stakeholders group(NDSG).

In the previous editions, I featured three patriotic Nigerians who shared their unreserved opinion about Nigeria. In their talk they expressed so much hope for Nigeria and implored Nigerians at all level to engage for a better democracy which will make for a better Nigeria. Click the links below for the articles if you missed them earlier-Link

Friday, 2 June 2017

Acting President Osinbajo Visits Calabar Amidst Rousing Welcome (Pictures)

Acting President Osinbajo visits Calabar to continue the Niger Delta Dialogue and the launch of MSME Clinics in the state. He is pictured, receiving cheerful welcome on and off the streets, from young and old, male and female. See more pictures below after the cut..........

Nigerians deceiving Nigerians? Read more amazing thoughts about Nigeria here

This is the second part of a post I started yesterday. I featured an interview which I had with Barrister Eli Gamaliel on Democracy day and he said amazing things about Nigeria and how we can collectively bring about the Nigeria of our dreams. Check it out here
Today I am featuring two other interviewees, Kolapo Are a football coach and Jemimiah Iorliam an activist. Read their interview below: 

Before we can effect any meaningful change, we have to change ourselves first, or else it will be Nigerians deceiving Nigerians. When we preach what we don’t act, we are definitely deceiving one another and that is a major impediment to our unity and growth. Secondly, we need to promote unity by creating uniformity. What is good to the goose is good for the gander. Equal treatment to all Nigerians is key. As we mark our democracy day, these are key elements we need to engage in order to move this country forward – Kolapo Are

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Happy New Month lovely people.

Image result for photos of happy new month 
Thanks for always viewing my blog. 
June will begin great things for you and all your dreams and aspiration for 2017 shall be fulfilled. 
Keep soaring!

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