Thursday, 15 June 2017

Another ultimatum for Nigerians: Two South African communities give Nigerians residing there quit notice

 Charity they say begins at home so does every other thing. When Nigerians are given ultimatum of departure in their own country, do we expect to be treated otherwise by foreign nations? According to report, Nigerians in two South African communities have been asked to vacant their communities. While a community asked landlords not to renew rent for Nigerians, the other gave a one day quit ultimatum. Read the report below:
Two South African communities, Kuruman community in Northern Cape Province and Klaafontein community, Extension 5 in Johannesburg, have reportedly given the Nigerians residing there quit notice.

According to the President of the Nigerian union in South Africa, Ikechukwu Anyene, the Klaafontein community, have directed landlords in the area not to renew the rent of Nigerians residing in their properties while the Kuruman community in Northern Cape Province have given Nigerians till tomorrow June 16th to leave their community. Anyene says the South African communities have accused the Nigerians of introducing drug related crime and prostitution to their community. They claim that efforts to stop the Nigerians from engaging in such crimes have failed as most of their children and youths have been badly influenced by the Nigerians residing there.

Anyene maintained that some of the perpetrators of the crimes in these regions have been wrongfully identified as Nigerians. He gave an instance where a Ugandan man who allegedly raped a girl in Kwazulu Natal Province, was wrongfully identified as a Nigerian in the South African press.

He called on the Nigerian High Commission in South Africa and the Federal government to speedily intervene in these unfortunate developments so that the affected Nigerians who have their businesses and investments in the communities, are not left stranded.

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