Tuesday, 6 June 2017

At 18, Nigeria is democratically an adult.

This post mark the third edition of my democracy day interview which held on the recent Democracy day, 29th May, 2017 at the solidarity walk for democracy put together by the National Democracy Stakeholders group(NDSG).

In the previous editions, I featured three patriotic Nigerians who shared their unreserved opinion about Nigeria. In their talk they expressed so much hope for Nigeria and implored Nigerians at all level to engage for a better democracy which will make for a better Nigeria. Click the links below for the articles if you missed them earlier-Link

In this third and last edition I am featuring two gentlemen: Lawrence Audu of African Community Impact and Development Initiative and Dr. Robert Sabo Jamla a notable driver for a better Nigeria. Read their thoughts below…….

Consolidating Nigeria’s democracy at 18, what do you have to say about Nigeria? – Lawrence Audu
It’s an amazing moment for Nigeria’s democracy to turn 18 at this point in time. 18 is usually the age someone is said to have attained maturity. You begin to drive at 18. So Nigeria democracy turning 18 in spite of all the challenges we have faced democratically is worth celebrating and I believe that Nigeria have come of age.

Is Your Hope For Nigeria Still Alive?
I believe that Nigeria have the capacity to surmount all her challenges. For instance, if you look at the demography of those who have come out to demonstrate for a corruption free Nigeria today, they are young people. It solidify my belief that Nigeria will surmount every problem that it has, I can never give up on this country.

Consolidating Nigeria’s democracy at 18, what do you have to say about Nigeria? – Dr. Robert Sabo Jamla
It’s a sign of great expectation. When one is 18 it is assumed he or she is now an adult. Democracy has come to stay. At 18 we are celebrating uninterrupted process of democracy in Nigeria. It is good and it’s a sign that the society is going to be more open. It is also a sign the society is becoming participatory in the process. Democracy itself is a process and many people are going to join the wagon.

Our democracy today is worth celebrating; many years ago people could not rally freely. Democracy have brought liberty, freedom of association, the society is far more open, information can be accessed better than it used to be. So I think we are here to enjoy this moment and also look forward to a better Nigeria and at the same time every stakeholder should come together to engage themselves and consciously be involved in the democratization of this country.

In Africa status, Nigeria is among the few that are celebrating 18 years of sustained democracy. Nigeria been the hub/hope of Africa, if we talk about pan Africanism, Nigeria is a major stakeholder. Now that we have a democracy that is uninterrupted, you can be sure that young men will begin to think forward and become interested in involving themselves in participating in democratic process. It also mean to say, every Nigerian can have hope not only to contest but to be a king maker of those who are elected to office because the society is relatively open and it will continue to be much more open.

Our leaders must see the need to invite the young ones to come along so that the process of democratization of our nation will be nurtured and everybody will be partaker of the benefits of the key values of democratic process.

Stay tuned to Patriotic Stride with Mercy every Wednesday on this blog. We must keep our hope for a better Nigeria alive. Thanks and please leave a comment.

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