Friday, 2 June 2017

Nigerians deceiving Nigerians? Read more amazing thoughts about Nigeria here

This is the second part of a post I started yesterday. I featured an interview which I had with Barrister Eli Gamaliel on Democracy day and he said amazing things about Nigeria and how we can collectively bring about the Nigeria of our dreams. Check it out here
Today I am featuring two other interviewees, Kolapo Are a football coach and Jemimiah Iorliam an activist. Read their interview below: 

Before we can effect any meaningful change, we have to change ourselves first, or else it will be Nigerians deceiving Nigerians. When we preach what we don’t act, we are definitely deceiving one another and that is a major impediment to our unity and growth. Secondly, we need to promote unity by creating uniformity. What is good to the goose is good for the gander. Equal treatment to all Nigerians is key. As we mark our democracy day, these are key elements we need to engage in order to move this country forward – Kolapo Are
Consolidating Nigeria’s democracy at 18, what do you have to say about Nigeria? – Jemimah Iorliam
Yes Nigeria’s Democracy at 18 years today marks a very beautiful age for Nigeria. 18 depicts the age of freedom, so what we can say about Nigeria is that she is actually free. She is now grown to take decision by herself. She is about to communicate and relate better.

Going forward, I want to encourage all of us that Rome was not built in a day, we must not be discouraged, and we must look into the future to see that tomorrow is going to be great. How can we achieve that, you and I(referring to me) as women, we are mothers. So what are we teaching our children, what are we inculcating in them. When we teach them morals and good values today, I bet you tomorrow will be great. Nigeria will be great tomorrow. What seems difficult will not be difficult at all when these children grow up with those values that are good and healthy for this nation.

Going forward, I believe that Nigeria will be great again, I am not going to give up, I know that what we are building will build legacy for our children. Whatever we are doing now is not for us but for our children that are coming up that tomorrow belongs to. We are all laying a foundation for them that tomorrow, things will take a different turn and we will have a great nation. Just like Rome was not built in a day, together with unity and love, we can achieve that.

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