Thursday, 10 August 2017

Charly Boy's Faint At Anti-Buhari's Protest Was An Over Dramatized Act - Police Force PRO

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A group under the auspices of Concerned Nigerians led by Area Father and acclaimed President, Association of Frustrated Nigerians, Charlie Oputa aka  Charly Boy have staged an anti-Buhari rally. The protest which holds at Unity Fountain began on Monday, 7th August, 2017 with a walk to the gate of the Presidential Villa. The group is demanding for the immediate return of President Muhammed Buhari who is on sick leave or for his resignation on the grounds of ill-health. Resume or Resign, they said.

However, the peaceful protest took a new turn on Tuesday when a feud developed between the protesters and the police force. The police force alleged they stepped in when they noticed the activity of some miscreants and hoodlums. They used water cannons, teargas and dogs to ensure the protest discontinued. As a result of this, 66 year old Charly Boy as seen in the picture above fainted and was immediately resuscitated.

The Public Relation Officer of Police Force, Jimoh Moshood while on Channel Television's "Sunrise" this morning to throw more light on the incidence described Charly boy's faint as an over-dramatization which was meant only for the cameras. "Charly Boy's faint was an over-dramatization, that's why he fainted just when he saw the camera coming his way" he said.

For a Police Officer who is supposedly responsible for the protection of lives and property of citizens to opine that one's faint is a drama scene leaves a lot of unanswered questions and concerns. 

The cry of the people must be seen as genuine and not treated as work of opposition all the time. It is very worrisome to give an impression that the government is now for the government and no longer for the people, this need to be corrected.

The people and the government must find common grounds to agree and work together for a unified and peaceful Nigeria. 

Do you think Charly Boy dramatized his faint? Please feel free to leave your comment as your voice can make the difference.

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