Monday, 21 August 2017

#PresidentialBroadcast - 7 Key Points To Note.

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Stayed in front of my television set tuned to Channels and listened keenly to my President's broadcast this morning, Monday 21st August, 2017.

President Buhari returned to the country from his medical leave in the United Kingdom on Saturday, 19th August, 2017. He returned to meet a jubilant crowd of Nigerians who are happy for his return and well-being. Nigerians are also hopeful that the President's return will improve the state of things in the country.

His broadcast also raised a lot of hope, below are 7 key points to note from his broadcast. (See them after the cut..........)

1. Thanked Nigerians for their prayer and support during his time of illness and presently.

2. I(The President) was distressed by divisive comments 

3. Nigeria's unity is settled and not negotiable

4. Every Nigerian is free to live anywhere in the country

5. Security Agencies must not relax the war against terror

6. President orders re invigoration of fight against boko haram, kidnappings, farmers versus herdsmen clashes and ethnic violence.

7. President promises economic security and political evolution, integration.

More to come from his broadcast, stay tuned.

God bless our country Nigeria.

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