Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Gospel Artist Steve Joe to release patriotic song "New Nigeria" October 1st, 2017.

1st October 2017 is Nigeria's 57th birthday. To mark the day, Steve Joe a well known gospel artist and patriotic Nigerian will be releasing a single titled "New Nigeria" on Independence Day. Speaking with Steve he said, this song speaks about the present state of our country. If we love our country we need to show our concern and support for her. 

As regards Nigeria's present problems the singer is optimistic- "Yes we are a great and blessed nation but obviously we cannot see greatness reflected in her people's well being. It's so true people are suffering, not everyone is living an average life compared to our God's given resources. But amidst all of this ,no doubt, we still strongly believe in our dear Nigeria. I can see a miracle of a good, better , loving and  strong nation. The only Answer is LOVE.

Let's genuinely love each other. God is love and He's the greatest and our maker , The maker of our unique country.

Watch out for the song and stay patriotic.

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