Thursday, 28 September 2017

#PATRIOTISM: 10 Ways To Celebrate Nigeria’s Independence.

It is widely believed there are 3 most important days in everyone’s life: 1. Your birthday 2. Marriage day 3. Death day. In addition to that, the day that marks one’s National independence/Freedom is also a very key day to mark. All of the three events mentioned above most likely happened or will happen in your home country. If there is no Nigeria, there won’t be Nigerians and if there is no independent Nigeria, there will be enslaved Nigerians. The freedom we have today is worth celebrating. 

The tips below will aid you in having a remarkable patriotic celebration as we mark the 57th birthday of our dear country Nigeria. Like I always say, you can make the difference in making this country great. Continue to read after the cut..........

1. Have A Thanksgiving Service – Thankfully our independence day for 2017 fell on Sunday, it offers Christians an opportunity to have a celebration service to mark the day. If you are in a church, mosque or even in your house, take time to thank God for Nigeria. The least way anyone can show love for his or her country is simply to thank God for all the good He has given us as Nation. Take a break from complaining on this day and just give thanks for the slightest thing that have worked in our country. Thank God that Nigeria is standing against all odds, not forgetting the prediction of Nigeria’s disintegration in 2015 that was reversed by God. There are lot of things to thank God for. Ensure you say “Thank you God for Nigeria” in any way you can.

2. Wear Green and White – The Nation’s national colours are green white green. Marking that day with a touch of those colours in our fashion statement will speak volume in showing forth the Pride of our Nation before the world. Let’s flood our homes, streets, market places with our National colours. We will make our nation great by being proud of her.

3. Family/Group party – Don’t we all mark our birthdays with a party. Small or big, do a little get together to mark the birth of Nigeria and most importantly our freedom.

4. Organize Independent Events – Marking Nigeria’s Independence with Concerts, Talk Shows, Seminars etc are great ways to show patriotism. If you are not part of organizing one, you can attend one. Find out which is happening around your area and be a part of it.

5. Make It Loud On Social Media – Internet is the new world. It has helped in connecting the world together with just one click. We are all on instagram, facebook, twitter, linkedin, baddoo etc. Use patriotic DPs, post independence photos, write-ups and prayers for Nigeria. Let the world see how much Nigerians love Nigeria and are not willing to make them think less of us.

6. Reach Out To Less Privilege – In celebrating, we must always remember Nigerians who for one reason or the other do not have the privileges we have. A visit to an orphanage, rehabilitation home, IDP camp and reaching out to the less privilege around us will tell so much about our heart for the poor in the society. Let’s give them a reason to celebrate and also give them a sense of pride, that they are also Nigerians that we are proud of.

7. Remember Past Heroes – A line of our national anthem says, “The labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain.” We must acknowledge those who fought courageously to bring us the freedom we have today. Freedom from the whites who enslaved us. The efforts of our past heroes like Herbert Macaulay, Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Sir Ahmadu Bello etc. Must be remembered in any way you deem fit. This has the potential of birthing zeal in us to continue in their footsteps.

8. Celebrate Present Heroes – Are there any present heroes in Nigeria? I believe there are still some patriotic Nigerians who are working tirelessly to ensure a better Nigeria. Yes, they exist and we must commend their effort and encourage them to do more and inspire others to do same.

9. Show off Nigeria’s Culture/Rich Heritage – What is our uniqueness as a people. Our dressing, beliefs, culture, should be displayed on Independence Day. 

10. Pray for Nigeria – This is saving the best for the last. Prayers is the most effective tool to positively build our country. The builders build in vain if God does not build. To mark the Independence, prayers for Nigeria’s peace and prosperity must be jointly made by Nigerians to God.

It’s about 3 days to Nigeria’s independence and I wish you Happy Independence in advance. Hope the tips above aid you to make it a Grand Independence Day!

God bless you and God bless our country Nigeria. 

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