Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Petroleum Minister Ibe Kachikwu’s Ten Messages To All Nigerians

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The Common Wealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) held her annual HUB Global and Success Conference this weekend, spanning from Friday, 10th November to Sunday 12th November, 2017. The three days life changing conference had notable speakers like Pastor Mattew Ashimolowo, Ayo Makun(AY), Tara Fela Durotoye, the Hon. Minister of Petroleum Ibe Kachikwu, the host Pastors Biodun/Modele Fatoyinbo and others.

The Hon. Minister, who gave a heartwarming and thought provoking speech, quickly outlined ten key messages he has for the teeming audience and indeed for all Nigerians. He delivered them with precision and it is apt for all Nigerians who were not present at the conference to read it. After the cut is the brief of the messages………….

1. The first message he brought is of hope. The greatest problem Nigeria has today is that of hopelessness. We must not lose hope in the country. Hope begins in our very homes. 

2. We must believe in ourselves as Nigerians, he said. Satisfaction is not an issue of money but that of self-belief. 

3. Faith and faithfulness not fear. 

4. Prosperity and abundance not poverty and abandonment. To this he made three key points: A. Government money is people’s money and it brings a curse on those who embezzle it. B. We must continue to work to make life better for those who put us (leaders) there. C. The country will not get out of its problem until each and every one of us aspires to be an entrepreneur. The onus for the prosperity of Nigeria is our collective responsibility. 

5. Momentum and motion but meekness and melancholy.

6. Supersonic trajectory not motionless surrender – The greatest gift of youth is skill set. We must engage our skills and creativity to travel like a speed of light. We surrender when we do nothing. 

7.Collectivism not separatism – He charges us to look for like minds and meet together to create positive impact. We must remain one collective unit to be great. 

8. Forgiveness not forsakenness – We have forgotten how to forgive as a nation. Someone who is loaded with anger can never make progress. To make progress, we must forgive. 

9.Hope today, bright future tomorrow not hopeless of the past. The success of this country depends on each and every one of us. 

10. Awaken the spirit in you not the Satan in you. Wake up the ability in you to do good and you will naturally kill every potential of doing evil. He charges us to be good citizens of the country. 

Our hope must stay alive, our actions must be taken in faith for a better Nigeria and we must all strive to do good at all times. The greatness of Nigeria is our collective responsibility.

The minister also gave 10 tips of rebirth which will feature on this blog on Monday as #MotivationalMonday post, watch out for this and more.

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