Tuesday, 5 December 2017

#ForPeaceSake - Changing the narrative of hate for peace and positive development.

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Hurt people, hurt people, that's how pain patterns get passed on generation on generation after generation. Break the chain today and love will be the weapon of the future - Yehuda Berg

Took a careful look at global events and observed the world is long changing from a goldmine to a landmine.The most valuable resource of the world, humans have themselves become a weapon of war. Nations are fighting nations, communities are against themselves, tribes and even family wars are on the rise globally, this is worrisome. More needs to be done for peace, the hate narrative as a matter of urgency needs to be addressed and changed. 

A writer wrote on sueddie.com - If you’ve witnessed war, you will never underestimate peace. I have lived through some crises, like my people. I have seen Zaki-Biam and Wukari, small wars but even in those “little numbers” and events of red that darkened our sun, I experienced a full eclipse. Have you seen people cut down in one breath? Intestines hanging out, destinies flushed away with the wiping out of whatever we are today? It might seem far-fetched but close your eyes and imagine the person you love the most –your father, mother, sibling or lover. Imagine that person raped. Imagine that person shot… Cut down. This is not even half a description of what war is.

This isn’t a fear narrative or a graphic building of fiction. It’s a telling of what may come. It is a simple simplistic rendering or what may be for us, and indeed what is, for others.

Read the stories of the Biafran war or hear someone tell you. Read the stories of the two World Wars or of the war in Sudan, the genocide in Rwanda.
It starts with words. It starts with actions. The actions of our inactions. We watch hate narratives grow and stare on as hate actions build to destroy. The actions or our building hate that surrenders us to an evil fate. No poem, no story, no word can do justice to the evils that await if we refuse to do something to create peace.

It is amazing how a lot of us do not realise the power of stories to do a lot of damage and harm on the one hand, or building and healing on the other. I know the power of stories. I am a writer. I am development worker. I am a change agent. Who are you? What can you do?
Wherever you are, in what space you find yourself, be the change. Together we can change the hate/war narrative.

#ForPeaceSake happens every Tuesday on mercyebute.com We don't have to rest in peace to live in peace. One step at a time together we can change the narrative of hate.

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