Monday, 9 April 2018

#MyCountryMyHome - Why I Am Proudly Nigerian!

In a time when many Nigerians will rather be Americans, British or a citizen of one developed nation or the other due to the country's appalling underdeveloped state which is largely as result of lack of visionary leadership, some of us are still flying her flag as proud Nigerians who look forward to a brighter and great Nigeria. 

I am optimistic that Nigeria will surmount her socio economy, security and political challenges. I see light at the end of the tunnel for Nigeria and below are why I am proudly Nigerian :

1. Cultural heritage The culture of this African country is shaped by multiple ethnic groups. This diversity brings a fabulous variety of songs, dances, traditions, customs, values and even character features. Different, still united. 

2. Land of talents It will take eternity to count how many brilliant Nigerians live both inside and outside their Motherland. Good at sports, literature, business, music. Recall Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka, AFCON winners Super Eagles,  prominent novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie whose award-winning book Half of a Yellow Sun also served as  a scenario for the same name movie recognized with Oscar award. 

3. Guided by God Religion is not simply something to say for show in Nigeria. People are truly spiritual and the concept of God is central among them. They attend services, pray for the welfare of their families and peace... peace... peace... 

4. Focus on family Many children, respect for the elders, following traditions. Amid changing family values in the country, this is something Nigeria is not likely to lose, because relative always, always come first here. 

5. Nigerian women The point which needs no additional explanation. Just look at our girls and women: they are gorgeous, they are good hostesses, good mothers, they are respectful and caring. 

6. People are entrepreneurial Nigerians are creative and this drives them to make things come to life. They create business out of nothing and survive the worst economic conditions because of being smart business people. 

7. Incredible landscape Although there are many industrial cities, there is a bunch of places where one can feel Mother Nature and enjoy rare plant and animal species of plants and animals. 

8. Resources The oil and gas sector accounts for about 35% of gross domestic product, which makes Nigeria one of the most wealthiest countries in the African continent. 

9. Sense of community There is nothing like "individualism" and "selfishness", basically mean the same thing - both are abhorred. Thinking beyond self is one of the Nigerian values. 

10. Food Some things can be found only in Naija. Special dishes from various tribes. And everything is extremely delicious. 

The points above were featured on and it is one for every Nigerian to be proud of. Our hope must stay a live to see a Nigeria where peace and justice reigns.  #MyCountryMyHome

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