Friday, 2 November 2018

Embassy of Israel Kick Starts The 1st National Bible Contest in all 36 States.

On the 18th of October the Embassy of Israel in Nigeria in collaboration with Christians United for Israel Prayer Outreach (CUFI), Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) kick started the very 1st National Old Testament Bible Contest. The competition is taking place across the 36 states (including the FCT). Over 1,500 participants took the exam which was conducted via the internet. 

The Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Nadav D. Goren noted: “The theme of the competition is “Living Peacefully in the Promised Land” and the exam questions were taken from relevant chapters of the Bible. The selection of this theme is timely and aims to encourage the Nigerian public to bridge their differences and be resilient in their opposition to violence throughout the electoral process and thereafter.” 

The just concluded 2nd stage consisted of 74 top scorers who competed at 6 different locations according to their geo-political zones. The top 12 scorers will proceed to compete at the grand finale, which will take place in Abuja on the 14th of November, 2018. 

This contest has been eye-opening in that it highlighted the innate desire for knowledge amongst Nigerians. The organizers hope that this contest resonates a message of peaceful coexistence and will further develop the strong ties between Nigeria and Israel. 

Zanswat Bowsan 
Press Officer 
Embassy of Israel in Nigeria. 

More pictures from the event below:

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