Thursday, 15 November 2018

To Strengthen Citizen's engagement - BBC Media Action Naija relaunches #NoSidonLook; #UdeyAmong Campaign

Wednesday, 14th November, 2018 BBC Media Action Naija relaunched it's online campaign #NoSidonLook. Bringing a new twist to it, most Nigerians were inspired not to fold their hands and watch things happen but to realize that for any meaningful change to occur #UDeyAmong those wey go make am happen. 

#UdeyAmong campaign which began online by 8.30am yesterday spanned through the day and trended on twitter as it got most notable bloggers,social media influencers and online enthusiast talking. Activities for the launch also featured a tweet interview with Kayeon Onyeka Ajah a writer and performance poet who uses words to empower people on the need to participate actively in processes targeted at moving the nation forward.

At the end of the day, a good number of Nigerians were inspired not to agonize but organize for a better community and nation. The campaign is ongoing and you can join the conversation on twitter with @TalkYourOwn. More details below:

#NoSidonLook is part of BBC Media Action – Nigeria’s governance project, funded by DFID, which targets young people, women and people living with disabilities, using multimedia platforms. One of the objectives of this project is to strengthen citizens’ engagement with electoral processes and fundamentals of democratic governance in Nigeria. 

Online, #NoSidonLook works across multiple social media platforms, with a focus on Twitter, providing space for discussion about active citizenship among Nigerians. This will actively include steps toward addressing issues in people’s immediate communities. 

Initially 3 different phases all shared the same goals, target groups and hashtag: 

Phase 1 – Introduction to #NoSidonLook, Phase 2 – How I #NoSidonLook, Phase 3 – How We #NoSidonLook 

Phase 1, launched on the 7th of September 2016, included audio spots, online graphics, animations and video materials, as well as user-generated videos and pictures sent to BBC Media Action or uploaded by audiences and contributors across Nigeria. The hashtag #NoSidonLook trended all day on Twitter with about 1,589 contributors and over 5 million impressions. 

Phase 2, launched on the 11th of November 2016 with a repeat on the 29th of March 2017, addressed different steps and actions that people across Nigeria are taking to instigate change in Nigeria. Videos, graphics and audio content from Phase 1 were distributed online while some TV spots aired on TV stations across Nigeria. Phase 2 also trended as number 1 in Nigeria. 

Phase 3 “How We #NoSidonLook” – Focussed on how groups are working to articulate their needs and follow a democratic strategy towards achieving results in their communities. Groups shared stories and ideas which worked for them in solving issues in their communities. Activities included TV/ Radio Spots showing communities/groups that have worked together to address issues in their communities, Live radio shows across Nigeria on launch day & a Social Media campaign (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram) 

The Next Phase 
Continuing the work around #NoSidonLook with more videos, online discussions-supported by the new hashtag #UDeyAmong aimed at encouraging the audience to not be amongst those watching events happen and to become involved. 

Talking is good but not enough without active involvement My active participation in governance and social/civic matters can improve the way government works to the benefit of my community If other people/communities are doing something, mine could as well Engaging in governance is a process, I’ll learn and follow the steps that meet my community’s needs 
I don’t need a special qualification to start engaging or mobilizing for the good of my community Participation in governance and working with government and other decision-makers can lead to improvements 

1. To encourage the audience to be among those making a difference 

2. Every voice is relevant, every person can be heard – no matter their social status or wealth 

3. I do not want to be among those having decisions made for them. I want to be part of the process. 

4. UDeyAmong will show how Nigerians together are stronger than separately.



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