Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Happy World’s Happiness Day – Living Happily Ever After in a Highly Opinionated World.

My emotion on Social Media and even offline is geared towards promoting peace, unity and greater understanding. I am usually puzzled when a social media friend will toll the route of abuse on my comment box. I may have been misunderstood but abuse is never the right response to an earnest opinion that is void of any form of insult. The last encounter was with someone I know offline. Damn, people don’t just care; they are ready to war with you at the slightest opportunity. 

We live in a highly opinionated world; people are ready to stand by, fight for or even die for their opinion but is it worth all that stress? Our opinions matter, however we need to put it in the right perspective in order to enhance our communication, foster friendship and save us the war of words that usually ensue when people share different opinions. 

Outside tribal, religion and ethnic sentiments, opinion sentiment is also a growing phenomenon that divides us. Having a strong opinion in itself is not wrong but when it becomes a tool that foster hate speech, it poses a great danger to our society and hence there is a need to tackle it. 

According to Oxford Dictionary, Opinion is a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. 99% of opinions are not based on fact or knowledge, so people’s opinion about you really doesn’t count. 

This write-up is aimed building the right perspective about opinion with the sole aim of having better understanding and get empowered, so that you don’t insult people just because their opinion about an issue differ from yours. It will safe many relationships, save us loads of trouble and forge a happier world. 

Your Opinion Counts – You have heard it severally but I need to let your opponent (so to say) know that your opinion count and no one should be shut down and not given freedom to express him or herself. In any group or relationship you should not stifle anyone’s thoughts about any issue or person, it is their entitlement. In airing your opinion always give that allowance for other people. When you share a post on social media not everyone will share that sentiment, allow that contradictory opinion without turning it into a wrestling ring. 

As at 2019 world population record is 7.7 billion that is 7.7 different opinions on over thousands of issues, so if we don’t understand how opinions work it has the potential of turning a rather peaceful discussion to a world war. 

Once we have the perspective that everyone has freedom of expression and that their opinion count, we will value every contribution and contributor to discussions, avoid the temptation to attack or abuse and we will live happily ever after. 

Happy World’s Happiness Day, happiness is not any one's sole right, we all deserve to be happy. When we find true happiness, we will share it with others.

Watch out for more on building the right perspective about OPINION. 

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