Monday, 25 March 2019

Street Sense on achieving a Peaceful Nigeria That Will Impress You.

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I do a weekly show that is centered on building our peace and unity as a people called "Peace Talk With Mercy." Outside interviewing prominent stakeholders, i also take to the street to tap into the huge resources of men and women who may not be elite but God have gifted with Street Sense that can help in bringing solutions to our many problems. I had an interesting time, these are extracts from the video. The sense shared by these great Nigerians on the street will marvel you. You may find some very extreme,like abolish State of Origin? #OurPeaceIsParamount.

To achieve peace in Nigeria one of the things we need primarily is love, we have to love each other, where there is no love, there can’t be peace. We need to tolerant one another and carry everybody along; everyone should be treated equally in respective of your tribe or religion.

Government Responsibility – They should ensure there’s equity and no tribe or religion is marginalized 

Citizen’s Responsibility – Citizens should reason together and be united in purpose and goal to achieve peace in Nigeria no matter what happens. We also need to forget the past because if we keep remembering the past we can’t have peace. 


Without peace there is no way the country will be united, preach have always be preached in Churches and Mosques so there is a need for everyone to abide by what God’s word is saying. 

Governement Responsibility – Most conflicts are caused by uneven distribution of resources, so I will advise the government to carry everyone along by distributing our resources equally.


Peace in Nigeria means a lot to Nigeria because a country with a peaceful atmosphere will bring about development. I advise my fellow Nigerians to put Nigeria first in whatever we do. 

Government Responsibility – Government should put some policy in place that will strengthen peace in Nigeria. For instance State of Origin should be abolished so that where ever you reside as a citizen you are free to live there as a part of that State. People will no longer say I am from that State or the other. You belong to Nigeria and you are free to reside in any State of your choice without victimization and that will enhance our unity as a nation. 

Secondly inter-tribal marriage should be established in Nigeria and encouraged by rewarding those who marry other tribes like an Igbo marrying Hausa. This I believe will promote our unity and peaceful co-habitation.


Please leave your comment if you agree with opinion shared or your suggestion on how Nigeria can be more peaceful and united. Thanks

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