Sunday, 2 June 2019

"1 Million Pad Campaign Walk" - Pad Up Africa Campaigns For Free Menstrual Pad for Young School Girls.

Saturday 25th May, 2019 Pad Up Africa led over a hundred youth in Abuja, Nigeria in a “One million pad campaign walk" to raise mentrual hygiene awareness and demand for free or subsidized sanitary pad for school girls.
The march came ahead of the world Menstrual Hygiene Day which was on Monday 27th May, 2019.

The Covener, Ashley Lori narrated the ordeal young school girls go through for lack of proper menstrual care. "I saw some school girls with blood stained paper, on approaching them, they had used the paper to pad up for their menstrual period. That gory sight and many other unpleasant menstrual experiences, gave birth to the Pad Up Africa initiative, she said.

Through previous campaigns, the 34-year-old activist said Pad-Up Africa has distributed free sanitary pads to schools, mostly in Abuja and its surroundings, and is now hoping to draw the attention of the government, international organisations and key players in the pad industry through the walk.

“They need to see the need for free pads for secondary school girls. If we can have condoms for free in schools, why not pads?

Pad-Up Africa envisages an Africa where adolescent girls and women would not be segregated due to menstruation and an Africa where adolescent girls and women do not suffer the ills of poor sanitary health practice.

Pad-Up Africa is poised to ensure that adolescent girls and women in Africa are exposed to the health hazards of unhealthy menstrual hygiene materials and practices. Also empower them through sanitary sensitization and donation of sanitary pads.

Below are pictures from the event.

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