Sunday, 2 June 2019

Photos: Joint Nigeria Civil Society Action marks National Day of Mourning With A Walk to Remember Victims of Violence in Nigeria.

To commemorate the second National Day of Mourning, The Joint Nigeria Civil Society Action held a peaceful walk in memory of victims of violent killings in Nigeria. 

The National Day of Mourning and Remembrance, is a citizens led initiative to express solidarity, and demand accountability for the security and welfare of all Nigerians.

In 2018, several civil society organizatiions in Abuja, set aside a National Day of Mourning as a symbolic action capable of registering citizens’ dissatisfaction with the state of our national security, since protests no longer achieve its desired result.

With heigthened state of insecurity in the country characterised with kilings and kidnapping in most part of the country, the group call on government and all relevant bodies to take urgent action to end the killings across the nation.

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